New and Improved

Posted on Aug 12, 2011 in Personal

Earlier this summer, all my former websites (portfolio, blog, To Japan with Love charitable site and my teaching blog) were all hacked by a group of people who asked for money to restore my site. Which forced me to delete and start over (no I didn’t have a back up, painful lesson learned). However, I am trying to look at the bright side, it forced me to re-design my site and merge my blog into my portfolio site.

I was lucky to have some down time during my month off on vacation and used that time very wisely to set up my new site, create an infographic resume and a origami font for my new logo.

My advice to anyone who has to experienced anything similar is:

  • Make sure your back ups are turned on on your hosting admin site (mine were defaulted to be turned off, hence the no back up issue)
  • Always have examples of your work on a third party site like Behance, Flickr or Cargo Collective to redirect users to while you are sorting out your website issue. As well as your up-to-date professional information on Linkedin.
  • If you are using WordPress (like I was) make sure your version of the WordPress is current.
  • Add additional security plugins to your WordPress site.
  • For extra security, set up your WordPress admin to only recognize specific IP addresses that you use.
  • Please make sure you don’t use the same login and password information that you use for all your sites/email accounts. Also make sure it’s not an easy password to figure out either (no birth dates or nick names).
  • *UPDATE: There is a great article on Smashing Magazine about how to secure your site.

Whenever things like this happen, it is a real nussance and even more horrible when you realize that the people who did it were doing it for profit. As a result a charitable site and a teaching blog when down, resulting in more than just myself being affected by it. I hope that this does not happen to anyone and please take the measures to protect your websites.

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