To Japan With Love

Posted on May 7, 2011 in Social Good

The idea for organizing a fundraising Art show for the relief efforts in Japan steamed from the poster art I created for to raise funds for the Canadian Red Cross. I soon realized there were many other artists and designers creating compelling artwork for the same cause and quickly the idea of having a group Art show came into mind. I had a huge challenge, six weeks to find a venue, find sponsors, gather artists to participate (and in some cases commission new work to be created) and spread the word.

One of the first artists I reached out to was James White for his “Help Japan” poster that was circulating the internet just days after the earthquake struck. He was more than happy to be a part of the show and happen to be coming to Toronto as a speaker for FITC in early May, just in time for the show. The next logical step was to reach out to Shawn Pucknell from FITC and see if he was interested in sponsoring the fundraiser. He was extremely willing and donated his Art gallery Function 13 for the venue, as well as promoted the show at FITC.

Soon things were moving forward at a fast pace. I was extremely lucky to have my friend Jen Cheng to help me out with the PR and event planning. She was instrumental in getting the word out and the details finalized. Thank you Jen! Catering and printing sponsors soon followed, as well as a donation from Themify for the website template.

The biggest challenge was to gather all the artists together and make sure the commissioned work for the show was completed and delivered on time for the opening day. It was my most challenging project management experience.

After six weeks of insanity to get things completed, the Art show was a success and money was raised for a great cause.

To view photos and art work from the Art show you can visit the Facebook page (the website was unfortunately hacked and taken down).

An article in the National Post featuring some of the artwork and information about the show.


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